Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.39.30The story of ORT is one of the most remarkable in modern history, for it was an organisation born of necessity that endured and flourished because of its ability to adapt to change.

ORT South Africa is an accredited, award winning non-profit organization, affiliated to World ORT.

ORT SA has trained and empowered thousands of South Africans in business development, cutting-edge teacher training, skills development, work readiness programmes and basic computer literacy.

ORT SA strives to make people employable and create employment opportunities.

ORT SA, “Educating for Life”.For the full history of ORT SA go to About Us




ORT SA mourns the passing of DG World ORT Joseph Harmatz.


harmatzThe lay leaders and staff of ORT SA mourn the passing of Joseph Harmatz together with all ORT affiliates across the globe. During his tenure as director of World ORT Mr Harmatz was instrumental in transforming ORT in South Africa into the formidable operational organization we know today. Towards the end of the apartheid era, when ORT’s attention needed to be focused inward for the well-being of all South Africans, Mr Harmatz appointed Dr Eli Eisenberg to initiate a teacher training scheme in technology in partnership with the new government. The ORT Science and Technology Educational Programme (STEP) came into being in Johannesburg in May 1993. The job accomplished in South Africa through the vision of Mr Harmatz, remains of fundamental significance for all South Africans due to the impact ORT SA continues to have on education in South Africa.




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659 Mentors