About Us


“Educating for Life”

Empowering people through education, skills, and enterprise development contributing to the upliftment of South Africa


Making people employable through state-of-the-art training in math, science, technology and work readiness and creating employment opportunities through business skills training and mentoring.

Making people employable, creating employment opportunities


At the heart of it, we are a community of passionate people, committed to ‘Educating for Life’. We strive to empower communities and individuals to become contributing members of society. We aim to do this through leadership, innovation and positive intent.





Integrity, Humility and Respect

Service Excellence and Professionalism

Innovation and Leadership

“Tikkun Olam”

We embed these values in the core ORT SA Strategy Pillars

History of ORT

The story of ORT is one of the most remarkable, for it was an organisation born of necessity in Russia in 1880 and endured and flourished because of its ability to adapt to change.

“I have had occasion before to remark on the fact that ORT’s activity does not base itself upon ‘charity’ but upon self-help. I want to assure you of my greatest admiration for the cause in which you are so nobly engaged.”

Albert Einstein in 1930’s at an ORT dinner in London

ORT South Africa (ORT SA) is affiliated to World ORT which was established in 1880.
We are locally and internationally recognised by governments and large corporations. Every year, ORT SA helps to build South Africa through education. This means that each year thousands of South Africans benefit by learning skills, growing, or starting a successful business, or receiving cutting- edge training and support in the areas of Maths, Science, Technology and ICT.
For ORT SA, education is more than basic schooling. It’s about empowerment and support. Only then can poverty be eradicated and meaningful lives built.