Celebrating International Education Day

We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, different festivals, and many other occasions to mark special moments. International Education Day is equally important, though perhaps less recognized. A key factor that distinguishes humans from other mammals is our ability to learn, grow, and transfer skills and knowledge. More than this, we have the unique capacity to share this learning, impacting our families and communities.

ORT SA, an education-focused NGO, believes in the transformative power of education. Education exceeds the mere imparting of academic knowledge; it enables individuals to discover their potential, passion, and purpose in life, charting a course towards a better future.

ORT’s STEM, Coding, and Robotics programs in schools, along with our Skills Development courses and Enterprise Development initiatives, have demonstrated that education equips people with the capability and confidence to secure decent work, create enterprises, and contribute positively to their families and communities. Knowledge and skills are essential tools that can lift people out of poverty, increasing opportunities and fostering true empowerment.

However, we must ensure that the power of education reaches every corner. In South Africa, socioeconomic factors still prevent many from accessing quality education and using it as a force for positive change. This is why ORT SA partners with communities, corporates and stakeholders to break down these barriers through targeted programs. By establishing IT-related vocational training, digital skills programs, and entrepreneurship support, we pave the way for youth, women, and other groups to gain employment or start their own ventures.

On this International Day of Education, I call on governments, businesses, and civil society organizations to join hands in strengthening equitable, quality education throughout South Africa. Let’s collaborate to provide technology integration, teacher training, and inclusive education programs, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to our nation’s progress.