International Day for the Eradication of Poverty


“Poverty is the deprivation of opportunity,” these words uttered by Amartya Sen highlight the truthfulness of the unbalanced world that we live in today. To many individuals worldwide, poverty is an everyday reality. It has become more apparent due to the devastating effects of COVID-19. Unbalances prevailing in our society have resulted in the impoverished being voiceless in their time of need.


The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty stands to give a voice to those suffering by recognizing their struggles and making their voices heard by the public.


It is one thing to recognize a problem by acknowledging it, however, actions speak louder than words and ORT SA is at the forefront of fighting poverty through education and skills development. 


In line with our mission statement of Educating for Life, ORT SA has always ensured that the youth obtain the necessary tools to succeed in their prospective careers. How so? 


Firstly, the ORT SA STEM Academy facilitates a wide variety of educational material such as Coding & Robotics, Mathematics, Science and IT. Secondly, the ORT SA Skills & Enterprise Development Academy focuses on giving inexperienced youth an experience of the working world. The academy also focuses on upskilling the youth by facilitating SETA accredited qualifications such as New Venture Creation and MICT End User Computing.


When using opportunities that lead to learning and personal growth, the results will gradually lead to one outcome: The eradication of poverty.


This year for International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, ORT SA encourages all young individuals to seize the opportunities at their disposal by applying for opportunities at ORT SA using this link. The result? A vast improvement of livelihoods.


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– Amartya Sen is an Indian economist and philosopher