One of the main ways to eradicate poverty, defeat crime and reduce unemployment is through education.

One of the many stories that tells of what , why and how we do it at ORT SA.

When Ziyanda was approached to come up with a problem in her community and provide a solution that incorporates technology, it didn’t take long for her group to come up with an idea they thought was great! Designing a digital timetable that alerts the teacher that it’s time for class! It seemed to be a bit cheeky but it was a real problem for these pupils. With the help of Amini, the ORT SA Coding Coordinator, the group designed a digital time table to alert teachers and the principal if the teacher was absent. This invention was presented at the ORT SA end of yer event and received a standing ovation. You see, the group of girls were from Ivory Park,a township community situated north of Johannesburg, and they were 13 years old at the time!

There are many challenges facing us in education in South Africa, but ORT SA’s proactive approach to challenges allows us to build capacity at schools in Math, Coding and Leadership.We are now running Coding Clubs in 20 schools / 60 teachers with more than 600 learners across schools in Gauteng.

BTW, Zeanda will be traveling to Argentina at the end of the month together with 12 other learners and three teachers to an educational programme organised by Pope Frances and World ORT.

By Ariellah Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer, ORT SA