Ludwick Mamabola, world famous South African Ultra Marathon runner has joined the Unity Challenge South African delegates to the Jerusalem Marathon 2015. The marathon is taking place on Friday 13th March 2015. Ludwick, who won the Comrades marathon in 2014 and was the first South African to do so since 2005, has been preparing for the ultimate prize in Jerusalem. The hilly course of Jerusalem will be used by Ludwig as an official preparation run as he endeavours to win this year’s down run in the 90th Comrades Marathon.

The Unity challenge a joint project of Mizrachi South Africa, ORT South Africa and the SAZF is proud to be sending its second delegation to Israel to run the Jerusalem Marathon. Ludwick will also be speaking  at a number of press conference and charity events throughout Israel, showcasing the interest that the running world and people in general have in his achievements, story and also in support of his historic run in Jerusalem.

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