ORT SA your BBBEE partner for learnerships 

Learnerships will always be one of the most effective ways of “killing two birds with one stone” in alleviating unemployment. This is because learnerships centre around teaching both theoretical and practical skills to disadvantaged individuals to obtain a formal, holistic, qualification upon completion. 

Anyone who’s ever looked for a job, or looked to hire someone, knows just how important it is to have practical experience when seeking a job. A Learnership can provide skills transfer together with highly sought after job experience.

The question is how to find a good learnership that will give you the skills you need and land you the job of your dreams. It is also always wise to look for learnerships that provide skills in areas that are needed in the job market.

This is why ORT SA, an educational NGO whose mission is making people employable, specialises in running learnerships relevant to the job market. These include the New Venture Creation (for aspiring entrepreneurs) and the End Computer User (for people seeking to improve job-relevant computer skills and) Learnerships. 

National Certificate: New Venture Creation (SMME)

This NQF level 2 qualification aims to equip learners with the necessary skills and expertise to start their businesses, which plays an essential part in our economy. To obtain this qualification, they would have to meet the minimum requirement of obtaining 138 credits.

National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing

This NQF level 3 qualification aims to equip individuals with skills and expertise in “End User Computing”. The qualification seeks to give individuals the needed confidence and competence to operate in the End User Computing environment, which is essential for the modern workplace. It is also a nationally recognised qualification. To obtain this qualification, one has to meet the minimum requirement of obtaining 130 credits.

Who qualifies for a learnership?

Learnerships are available for those who have completed school, college or learning at other training institutions or those studying part-time. Unemployed South Africans can participate in a learnership programme if an employer is prepared to provide the required work experience. The National Qualifications Framework records the credits given to specific study areas and gives them an NQF level. The National Qualifications Framework ensures that each learnership gets categorised on the same level ranging from one to ten.

How do learnerships fit into BBBEE for corporates?

For Companies, there is a specific tax rebate on learnerships. The tax incentive applies to registered learnership agreements. This tax incentive aims to encourage job creation by reducing the cost of hiring and training employees through learnerships, promoting skills development, and stimulating human capacity development. Learnerships increase a corporate’s training spend without increasing costs, improving a company’s BBBEE score. Corporates can claim BBBEE points for training in skills development, supplier development or enterprise development

Why choose ORT SA?

ORT SA is an Accredited, Award-Winning Non-Profit Organization affiliated with World ORT. When it comes to learnerships, ORT SA caters for able and disabled individuals. ORT SA endeavours to add value to learnerships so that the exit value is not just a certificate but also something that the learners can take away from the learning experience. 

We do this by adding valuable short courses to the main learnership program. ORT SA has trained and empowered thousands of South Africans in business development, cutting-edge teacher training, skills development, work readiness programmes and basic computer literacy. 

Don’t take our word for it though. Petrus Bopape, 2020 SKIDATA SA Learnership Beneficiary, had this to say about his experience with the End-User Computing Course: “I love working with computers. The course is easy to learn, and I look forward to more practicals.”


Hudaco/ORT SA New Venture Creation Learnership Cohort 2021.