Re-inventing a way of life is uppermost in most people’s minds, the world over, these days.

Ariellah Rosenberg,  ORT SA CEO puts her finger on it:

“We may have been super organised prior to Covid19 planning our day, week , month, even the year ahead of time. We may have been great in prioritizing things on our to-do lists, ticking as we go along and feeling super productive. If there is something that the Covid19 taught me is that a crisis is very good in ‘messiWorking during lockdownng up’ our plans. And that its even better at prioritizing things for us. And maybe, in away, it is something we should feel grateful for,” says CEO, Ariellah Rosenberg while working from home.

“Family and time with our loved ones, whether we were lucky to have them with us, or not, has shot up and for many, to the top of the priority list. So while the entire world is doing a ‘restart’ or ‘reboot’ of our way of life, we should utilize the opportunity and change some of our ‘settings’ before we go back to the new normal.

Keeping our family and loved ones on the top of our ‘to-do’s’ and maybe create a ‘not-to-do’ list to ensure they remain on top.”