In response to a video about the first robot teacher introduced in a schoolroom in India, ORT SA’s CEO, Ariellah Rosenberg had this to say:

Technology will change education but I’m not sure in that way (with a robot teacher). Note that there is still a human teacher in the class. And the robot pretty much provides frontal teaching which is basically taking pedagogy backward, not forward. Also, as a parent,I am not sure I’d send my kids to this classroom.

When it comes to unique strengths , technology will not be able to fully replace what a human can do . Technology can only be modified so much, but it cannot fully replace a human being .

Think of it this way , a human can clean in small areas where the mop may reach whereas a robot ,may not be able to fit in those areas ..’unique strengths’

Technology helps us remove obstacles so we can be more productive and lead better, easier even healthier lives. It can teach and even motivate us but it can’t inspire! That’s why I don’t think a robot will replace teachers .

It could be a teaching tool that a teacher should use to get their students to achieve their greatest potential but the human element will and should always be there.

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