The International Girls in ICT Day is a global movement to promote exciting career opportunities waiting for girls and young women in the technology sector.

In this article, unravel Thenjiwe Sibiya’s journey and role in the world of virtual technology. 


“Initially, my journey in the technology industry was not always easy. Even though I obtained my Diploma in IT programming, I tried my level best to get a job in that field, but I was faced with the harsh reality that most graduates face when they apply for jobs, I got no response.”

“Little did I know that an organization named ORT SA would later extend the various opportunities to make my footprint in the technology industry. It brings me great joy to say that throughout my ten-year journey with the organization, the highlight of my career is being one of the IT Facilitators for the STEM Academy.”


When asked about how she feels about being an IT facilitator, Thenjiwe said: “While I was working as an administrator, I’ve always witnessed other individuals being facilitators in front of me for many years, and so when I got an opportunity to be a facilitator I felt privileged, and I will say it has exposed me to a lot of things, more especially when it comes to educating others about Technology.”

She then added, “I’d like to see more women being empowered in the technology industry as it will give them the needed exposure and knowledge to impact society as we now move to a more virtual way of doing things.”


Alexandra K. Trenfor once said, “The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.” 

We think Ms Sibiya personifies this quote. Not only does she inspired and empower other women to work in the ICT industry, but she also teaches them the resilience needed to persevere and turn their dreams into reality.