The Young Entrepreneurship Program Excursion Article

For any plant to cultivate from the ground, one needs to plant the seed. The same analogy applies to youth development, as it needs to start at the grassroots level to see real growth.  


The Young Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) is a worldwide competition organised by World ORT. This YEP project has epitomised the importance of grassroots development among young individuals. On the 2nd of September 2021, YEP beneficiaries from Curtis Nkondo School of Specialisation made their way to River Park Clinic in Alexandra to observe a Self-service health station called Abby. This self-service health station prides itself on doing 19 health checks in under 3 minutes to relieve medical staff and provide convenience to patients.


Koketso Motsa, YEP Beneficiary, had to say this to say during her visit at River Park Clinic, Alexandra: 


“The experience has been very enlightening, and it has been honestly great cause we got exposure to different technologies that we didn’t know existed. We, as Team CNSOS, want to develop an intelligent health system that is going to be used globally at medical institutions. It is going to offer vital readings for each and every patient so that we can be able to speed up time and the registration processes as well as creating new file processes so that patients will be able to spend less time than they are supposed to at the hospitals. Now the reason why we can here is because Abby has a very similar product. We wanted to get the idea of the type of technologies that we should use and how it’s affecting the community as it has already started working.


I would like to give a vote of thanks to ORT SA, the Clinic, and last but not least, Abby. Because of them, we now have a new direction that we are going to take towards the YEP Final Competition.”


Josh Lasker, Co-Founder of Abby Health Stations, had this to say about his experience with the YEP Beneficiaries: 


“It was great to see the kids so excited and so passionate about building something better for the future of South Africa, and I honestly wish them all the best. Thank you to ORT. It’s always great to be a part of the program, and let’s hope that these guys win that competition.”

ORT SA would like to thank Josh Lasker and Abby Health Stations for orchestrating the excursion and giving the YEP beneficiaries perspective on approaching the YEP Final Competition.


ORT SA would also like to wish the YEP Beneficiaries well for the YEP Final Competition on the 20th of October 2021.


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