YOUTH: Floyd Mahlangu

HOST: Qalabotjha Secondary School, Vlakfontein, Lenasia South


  1. What were you doing before this opportunity with YES?

Before this opportunity, I was unemployed and had temporary jobs every now and then, because I simply can’t just sit and do nothing.

  1. How has the YES programme impacted your life?

The Yes program has made a huge difference redirecting my career into the right path, I have learnt a lot so far in the program and the learning has never stopped, I really do appreciate this opportunity

  1. What new skills/experiences/networks have you acquired/been exposed to?

I have acquired many admin skills, besides the program I also challenge myself to bring out the best in myself. Computer literacy, communication skills, ethical emotional behaviour, prioritising, self-management, adherence to code of conduct, etc.  I have helped in the community and it’s a very good feeling knowing that I also can contribute to my community and the country.

  1. How differently do you see yourself as a result of the YES programme?

I feel I’m very fortunate to have this opportunity and to acquire all the skills I have, made me see myself in a different manner, as someone who can bring change or make a difference in a positive way.

  1. What future do you see for yourself now?

Now I’m very optimistic about my future I believe I have a lot to learn and acquire, I see my future having a backbone, I’m ready.

  1. What advice would you give to unemployed youth?

Take time to figure out what you really need in your life, have the correct mind-set and acquire all the skills and knowledge, manage your timing, set goals and execute your plans with precision. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.