ORT SA is elated to report the continuous success of Simon Kopane, the founder and CEO of Kopane Solutions, a Johannesburg-based construction company. Simonโ€™s journey began with ORT SA in partnership with @AEDF as a programme participant. As the Level 2 Business Plan Competition winner, he gained funding for his business. The level 2 programme aided him in registering his company and to obtain business management skills. Simon is driven by a desire to better his community; he plans to build a stationary shop and internet cafรฉ geared towards students in the community to aid in their educational endeavours.

โ€œI would like to thank my level 2 facilitator, Mr. Wesley, for his guidance and support,โ€ says Simon. His story proves that success does not simply rely on business strategy but also requires a desire to uplift oneself and their community.