The ORT SA IT Academy

In May of 2016 the Career Junction Index, an analysis of online job market trends, indicated that Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is the top employment sector in South Africa . This has been the case for a number of years now, and with the continued growth of the ICT sector locally and abroad, this is a trend that will most likely remain for the coming years.

ORTSA , in alignment with his mission of making people employable, is providing programmes that bridge the divide between unfamiliarity of computers and wanting to equip oneself to move into today’s working world


  1. Computer training for beginners: from unemployed youth to professionals
  2. Bridging programmes with a view to careers in Computers or IT
  3. Cisco IT Essentials

1. Computer training for beginners: from unemployed youth to professionals

21st century skills essential to obtain in the world of market today require us to equip people with computer and internet capabilities incorporating problem solving, collaboration and digital communication skills. The computer programmes assist young people from previously disadvantaged areas gaining skills that will empower them to find a job or to start their own business


  • Based on participants computer competency we provide Computer Courses for Beginners , Intermediate or Advanced
  • One to three weeks daily training is provided
  • Possibility also for the End User Computer qualification
  • End User Computer accreditation with MICT SETA could be as learnerships – one year
  • MS OFFICE / CORE CISCO – short courses- 1-3 weeks

2. Bridging Programmes with a view to a career in Computer /IT

To provide a programme which incorporates skills transfer, access to gamification and robotics as well as life skills to prepare youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to the ICT world of work. Create awareness as well as fundamentals in ICT skills will allow to bridge the IT Skills gap existing in the market.


  • 12 weeks course which uses blended learning approach of face to face as well as online experience
  • Daily training includes CISCO courses, MS Office, Robotics and computer games as well as career guidance

3. CISCO IT Essentials


The course provides a comprehensive overview of computer hardware and software with an introduction to advanced concepts.


  • Blended learning approach, combining face to face with the CISCO online training programme
  • Dependent on the level of participants – between 2 weeks to 8 weeks to complete
  • Cisco certificate
  • 2-12 weeks of daily training