Let there be light.
Let there be light 


‘ I want you to know that you have changed my life completely. ‘


Privy to dwindling resources, in a time of water shortages and contemporary complications of the political kind that have dire effects on our ability to switch our lights on and off… there is hope yet. We refuse to let the darkness persist. A country that has the ability to stay hopeful breeds a population that is able to do the same in times of cynicism. Our collective history is one that has been filled with dark tales but rays of sunshine have managed to seep in.

On the particular day that brought me to this account, my special ray of sunshine came in the form of a letter in the drawer next to my desk. This discovery just happened to take place as I was perusing a vintage ORT South Africa folder- a forgotten letter in one of the ORT South Africa files nearly as old as myself, containing a testimonial from a particular student dated the 12th of December 1999. As i skimmed through the hand-writing, the words were reminiscent of the newly appointed President’s ‘Send Me’ SONA speech and peaked my imagine. In this context, it would be safe to desribe it as a proverbial light bulb moment.

As an ORT South Africa intern and familiarising myself with an organisation that is actively making a difference I can’t help but want to embody this difference that I see. The unfortunate nature of modern civilisation – and my generation in particular- has shaped many a millennial into taking for granted the efforts of many ordinary citizens within non-profit organisations like ORT South Africa. As the Y-Generation that has a centralised focus on their individual selves , we need to remind ourselves of the values of Ubuntu that should be ingrained as a united as a people of the African continent.


‘ I want you to know that you have changed my life completely. ‘

the letter reads..

‘ I can see where I stand now because of this foundation, not to me only that you have brought light but to all the young and old that you have helped. ‘ 


The long standing impact that these programmes have, shaping individuals and ultimately shaping their communities and the world, the discovery of this letter lead me to a journey of contemplation. ORT South Africa is affiliated to the international mother organisation World ORT which was established in Russia in 1880. The universal theme that underpins this organisation is not blatant hand-outs but rather a hand up. Being a player in the international arena is further proof of the organisation’s consistency and determination to make the world of difference to me, to you and to everyone that it can possibly reach. It’s important to remember always… It may be dark at fist, but surely there will be light at the end of the tunnel.