The national call-to-action for every South African as per the long awaited SONA, meticulously delivered by our new leadership, left us with a hopeful sentiment. Collectively, as South Africans we have been called upon to become the positive change in these transformative times, where change is the constant.

Being a part of an organisation such as ORT South Africa that is actively taking it upon itself to make a difference and solve the problems in the world around us, it is heart-warming to see how the ORT SA IT Bridging course has become a special pocket of magic. Eighteen young individuals from various backgrounds all aim at bettering and equipping themselves as best they can, as they cannot fund tertiary education. The general consensus was that they felt greatly privileged to be part of the ORT South Africa programme.

The national pass rate for matriculants this year was only 75,1 percent and ORT South Africa is greatly servicing those that cannot further their studies. TVET colleges have also been hailed as the saving grace for those looking to study further however there are still those who are left out.

What happens to the kids who have dreams they cannot afford in a competitive skills economy? Well, at least I got an answer and that is that ORT South Africa saves the day by going above and beyond, even feeding these young individuals.

At the end of the course, they will have entry-level computer knowledge including an internationally accredited Cisco IT Essentials certificate, A Microsoft certificate and basic coding. This is the way to arm our youth with skills for the 21st century.

If you like this idea, become a part of the ORT SA legacy. Join hands with us on this mission to provide more opportunities for those who need it. Funding is needed to continue the programme.