Hello Beautiful ladies,

As we stand together on this Women’s Day, I’m here to tell you that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

I remember being a young girl with dreams and aspirations, filled with a curiosity that drove me to explore, learn, and pursue a path that would not only change my life but also the lives of others in my community. My father used to tell me, “Your education is the key to unlock the world,” and he was right. Today, as the CEO of an educational NGO, ORT SA, I’m committed to making sure that every child in South Africa has access to a quality education, regardless of their gender. I’m so proud of ORT SA’s coding and robotics in schools, having more than 50% female participation.

Education, is more than textbooks and exams; it’s about empowering ourselves to rise, to challenge, to lead, and to make a positive change. It’s about lighting a fire within, a fire that no one can extinguish.

I believe that education is the key to empowering women. When women are educated, they are better able to make decisions about their lives and their futures. They are also more likely to be economically independent and to break the cycle of poverty. This is the drive do fulfil ORT SA’s mission of creating employment opportunities by enabling people to become financially sustainable.

We women are like South Africa’s national flower, the Proteas; wild, beautiful, and thriving even in the harshest conditions. So, keep blooming, your dreams are valid, your struggles are recognised, and your victories are celebrated.

I’m so proud to be a woman in South Africa today. We have come a long way, but there is still more work to be done. Let’s continue to fight for equality and justice for all women.

Here’s to us, the women of South Africa!

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