Liza Malepo is a beneficiary of the ORT SA/Bidvest Second Chance programme and writes to ORT SA on behalf of her classmates:

To the ORT SA teachers, management and sponsors

 “Make” is all about making dreams come true [and] achieving that with hard work and determination. This is the seed that ORT SA instilled in me this year (2016). My name is Liza Molepo and I am 19 years of age. I was a learner at ORT SA’s Second Chance programme with an aim to better my

Second Chance class of 2016, Alexandra, Johannesburg

Second Chance class of 2016, Alexandra, Johannesburg

mathematics and physical science matric marks.

Passion, hard work and determination are the principles that ORT SA’s Mr. Fenyane and Mam Tsholo enforced in us and also motivated us to keep our heads up and dust ourselves off because 2015 results do not necessarily determine our future, but it is just a mere setback where we could make an introspection within ourselves as the future of SA.

Class of 2016 was a family and we stood strong together because we knew that a candle that lights the next one does not go out but it becomes brighter.  Just like every family we had our own ups and downs but through those we never gave up on each other but instead stood together and encouraged one another to never lose focus and the bigger picture towards life.

Opportunities don’t always presents themselves in suits but in definite working suits. We are not always looking forward to get our hands dirty and work for our own rough diamonds but our teachers were always there to give a helping hand and most certainly, a shoulder to lean on when things did not seem to be possible. And for that I take off my hat and bow to Mr Fenyane and Mam Tsholo.

ORT SA, thank you for believing in a dream of a black child. There wasn’t a single thing that we needed and we never had. You were there to provide what our own parents could not afford. Angels are not always in white but this year they were in white and blue (ORT colours). Thank you so much for everything. Through you, dreams are coming true and poverty is eradicated.

In gratitude

Liza Molepo and class of 2016