Our organisation has grown in many ways this year. Some projects saw expansion beyond our expectations, such as our Coding and Robotics Clubs. A 12-year Mathematics programme has come to an end. In 2007, ORT SA signed a long- term unique partnership with Bidvest to provide Mathematics support, so crucially needed, to primary and high schools in the Alexandra township. Almost 17 000 learners were impacted by 300 teachers who received training and laptops, to equip them with 21st century skills in the classroom. Twelve years later, some mathematics distinctions are expected!

ORT SA’s pioneering Coding and Robotics Clubs expanded this year to 50 township primary and high schools, to 177 teachers and to 3633 pupils across Gauteng. The average female participation in these clubs is 70%, a huge contribution to gender imbalance.

Through the ORT SA Skills and Enterprise Development Academy, we are impacting 1600 unemployed youth by placing them in schools and SME’s for workplace experience. It is said that when one person works in South Africa, another seven are supported. Twenty-one disabled youth are in computer learnerships and 63 small businesses owners were given business mentorship and industry-related skills. Sixty-five new businesses signed up for ORT Jet’s business mentorship programme with 740 people attending 69 training events.

The new ORT SA CareerHub was created to expose people, especially the youth to future career options, to let them explore their strengths, passion and paths as well as providing experience and skills transfer. The novel ORT SA Youth Club gives youth the opportunity to interact with peers across the ORT global network.

But numbers are not all that count. ORT SA strives to provide quality education to allow people to access a dignified and independent life. This could not have been achieved without your support. Our sincere thanks on behalf of all the children, youth and entrepreneurs who benefitted from your support. Our best wishes for the holiday season. We look forward to facing the challenges of next year, together.

Ariellah Rosenberg & the ORT SA Team