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At ORT SA, we’re proud to launch the Thato Malope Study Center, a library of learning and opportunity. This center is dedicated to enhancing the educational landscape of our community, providing resources and programs that foster lifelong learning. We invite you to be part of this transformative initiative by volunteering or supporting us in any way you can.

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Spend 67 Brushes/Paint, if you can't spend 67 minutes with us

ORT SA would like you to make a lasting impact this Mandela Day by joining us in building the Thato Malope Study Centre. This initiative honours the memory of Thato Malope, a bright young woman who participated in ORT SA’s GCE and Let Kidz Code programs. Thato dreamt of becoming a librarian and passionately believed in the power of education to unlock potential. Sadly, her school in Tsakane, South Africa, lacks a dedicated library or study space.

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