The CEO of ORT SA, Ariellah Rosenberg writes:

Poverty, global warming, the impact of terrorism and war- stricken zones on populations, labour abuse and failing education systems… When reading the news on printed and social media, one may be left wondering, with all the crises facing humanity, who is supposed to fix them all?
Alice Korngold, in her book “A Better World”, argues that the best suited to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems are the multinational corporations. They can reach millions of people, they have the cash to spend and come to think of it, helping solving the world’s problems can actually improve their bottom line! According to the WHO, World Health Organisation, in low income countries, 17% of the population lives to 70 years old where in high income countries 71% of the population lives to 70 years old. Businesses need healthy employees and consumers. Thus solving the world’s problems creates new market opportunities.
Korngold also indicates that companies should collaborate with NGO’s as they can accomplish much more together than they could do on their own. NGO’s have a lot to offer business; they can provide expertise, networking opportunities and increase credibility of companies. Non-profits have their own proven approaches for solving important social, environmental and economic problems; skills that are vital to any company trying solve any of these matters.
ORT worldwide is at the forefront of education and skills training and has built the expertise and know-how in dealing with educational crises, systems and schooling over the 136 years of its existance. ORT SA seeks partnerships with corporates and other NGO’s to overcome the education crisis South Africa faces.