“The only thing that is constant is change”- Heraclitus

Kevin Kelly, the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, describes in his book “The Inevitable,” what a Protopia world is; a world that keeps getting better although nothing is fixed. A world that because of constant change, no matter your age or years of experience, you will always be a “newbie”.  We therefore will never able to predict our future but can envisage some generalised trends.

Kelly’s optimistic view on trends expected from technology progress is quite encouraging and reassuring to those who fear trends such as Artificial Intelligence and the place of robots in our lives. Flowing, Sharing, Remixing and personal privacy and tracking, are amongst the trends anticipated in his book. All presented from an opportunistic perspective. “Let the robots take our jobs and let them help us dream up new work that matters”. The significance of these trends is major as although they will not replace human intelligence, it will shape what we do and who we are.

How do we, as educators, parents, policy makers, respond to these trends? How do we prepare our children, the future generation to this Protopia world?

Please share with us what changes have you made in your country/ school/ classroom to equip children to constant change and future trends where technology plays such a vital role.

“I am not young enough to know everything” as quoted by Oscar Wilde, is most suitable in the Protopia world of Kevin Kelly.