One of ORT’s pillars is service excellence that is driven by innovation and trendsetting. I’d like us to take this opportunity to appreciate women’s contributions to innovation in society.

For decades, women were denied education and opportunities to be able to achieve as much as their male counterparts and in some countries we still need to fight for the rights of women to education and employment.

Over the past years, more and more women are contributing massively to economic and entrepreneurship innovation. But do we hear about them?

When we think of innovators who have contributed to technological advancement and innovations, who comes to mind first? Thomas Edison, Bill Gates? How about Marie Curie who won the Noble Prize twice for the work she did on radioactivity? How about our own Joan Joffe, known as the first lady of ICT in South Africa?

Social change enables more women to innovate, make a difference and impact our environment. More work is needed to be done if we, as a society, are to maintain our power and continue growing to ensure women have their rightful place to contribute but also to be acknowledged.

And this why it has to start early, by promoting STEM education for girls from an early age as well as ensuring that the workplace gets rid of gender discrepancies and adopts policies that empower women.

It is our obligation to fight gender biases and discrepancies and create a space for women in STEM careers, innovation and entrepreneurship. I’m sure you’ll all agree that ORT SA is rightfully positioned to do just that.

Happy Women’s Day

Ariellah (Rosenberg)