“Technology in Education


By Milani Falitenjwa


Malcolm Forbes once said, “The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”

The quote mentioned above highlights a crucial fact: education is one of the most critical aspects of human life, and without it, we are not knowledgeable. Even though we are currently living under the harsh reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, the youth must continue to receive their education.

The big question arises: How will young individuals continue to be educated if lockdown regulations are still in place?

To answer this question, we look at an initiative that ORT SA, in partnership with STET, plan to implement for the South African youth, called Technology in Education.



The Technology in Education project targets foundation and intermediate phase teachers from schools where STET has implemented the Math developmental workshops. The project will run for a year, and the minimum target is fifty female teachers.

The project focusses on putting an end to the challenges teachers face when educating students remotely during the lockdown. It also aims to explore how technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning onsite and offsite.

ORT SA kindly appeals to the public to support this great initiative as we firmly believe that this project will empower teachers, learners and parents on how they can effectively collaborate to achieve educational goals for the youth of South Africa.