ORT SA presents

Behind the Impact

An Interview with Kgotso Bookholane

By Milani Falitenjwa

We at ORT SA, pride ourselves for our exceptional staff working tirelessly to achieve our vision of ‘educating for life’, ensuring youth has the skills for the current and future evolved workplace. Check out the interview with Kgotso Bookholane, who is a Project Coordinator at the Skills Academy.

Who is Kgotso Bookholane?

Kgotso is an open-minded, free-spirited individual who likes to see people happy, a team player, and a people’s person.

What were your beginnings?

When I left high school, I went and received my tertiary education. My first job was at the Church of Scientology. My duties involved selling services of the company and being a receptionist. When my time at the Church of Scientology ended, I worked at Jumbo as a till packer; I also spent time being a stock checker and receiving shipments for the company. After some time, I received some experience by doing various other jobs such as data capturing and working for a courier company, to name a few.

How were you introduced to ORT SA?

A friend of mine introduced me to ORT SA, and after some time, I was fortunate to be a part of the Investec Program. The program exposed me not only to the corporate space but also to the schooling system. After the program ended, I kept myself busy by doing various jobs and volunteering at Basani Primary School in Tshiawelo, Soweto. After some time elapsed, ORT SA has given me an opportunity to be a coordinator for the ABSA YES Work Experience Program and the Anglo-American Program currently underway.

What has been your biggest lesson when working on projects for ORT SA?

First, there is a lesson learnt by working with different people with different backgrounds and households through it all in life. Secondly, you can never be perfect in everything that you do. Just give it your utmost best, and all will fall into place.


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