ORT SA presents 

Behind the Impact 

An Interview with Thamia Scholtz 

by Milani Falitenjwa

We at ORT SA pride ourselves on our exceptional staff working tirelessly to achieve our vision of ‘educating for life’, ensuring youth has the skills for the current and future evolved workplace. Check out the interview with Thamia Scholtz, who is a Marketing Intern at ORT SA.

Who is Thamia Scholtz?

“Thamia is a friendly, open-minded and shy individual who likes to learn new things and doesn’t wait till the last minute to do something and likes to read in her spare time.”

What is the most important thing to Thamia?

“The smile I get from my little one, Aurora.”

Where were your beginnings?

“After high school, I went to Wits University to study for a BA in Film and Television. My other subjects in varsity included Spanish and French. During my third year, I was working for Pampalicious, and my core duties were entertaining children and making sure that the company’s décor was in a good state. After some time, I graduated in 2019 with a Bachelors of Arts with Honors in Film and Television.”

How were you introduced to ORT SA?

“I was introduced to ORT through a friend of mine who had recruited me to be a beneficiary of a specific project. Despite personal challenges that needed my attention, I was still privileged to be a part of the Montag YES Project.”

What do you love about your job?

“I love capturing the moments that define the meaning of making a difference, and I love watching webinars because I get to learn new things.”

What have been your biggest lessons when working on projects for ORT SA?

“First, I have learnt how to work in a corporate environment. Second, I have learnt administrative, marketing and time management skills. Third, I’ve learnt about the organisation and how they help people.”

Where do you see yourself in a year?

“In a year, I see myself working in a permanent job. Covid will be a thing of the past, and I will be putting the newly acquired skills that I learnt at ORT to work.”

What would you say to the next person about ORT SA?

“ORT SA is a versatile organization that helps people and businesses have a better future.”