“Ultimate Interview Skills to Land Your Dream Job” 


As individuals, we all aspire to make a living and find ourselves in a position to land our dream job. However, even getting through the door can be challenging due to the competitive nature of the working world. Now that you have a foot in the door and acquired the date for a job interview, learn some skills to secure your dream job.


On the 22nd of July, The ORT SA CareerHub hosted a webinar titled, Ultimate Interview Skills to Land Your Dream Job by Recruitment consultant and freelance proofreader Kim Hatchuel. In this article, we reflect on some helpful tips that Ms Hatchuel shared with us during the webinar:

  • First, try to find out as much information as possible about the company, the interviewers and the job specification; by doing so, this will show that you are proactive and qualified to do the job.
  • If the interview is online, make sure that you have the application used, and it works properly. It is also essential to test your camera, sound and internet connection before the interview.
  • It is important to remember that when conducting interviews online, ensure that you position yourself in a quiet environment and that there isn’t anything that could distract you during the interview.
  • Do not use a virtual background during an online interview. Rather sit in a place that will convey that you are professional, for example, seated behind a bookshelf.
  • Whether you are attending an in-person or online interview, what you wear must always project professionalism.
  • Always answer appropriately, don’t answer questions with a simple yes or no. Maintain humility and professionalism when responding to questions.
  • It is vital to subtly convey to the interviewer/s that you have the relevant qualifications and abilities to do the job.
  • When asked about your current employer, try to find something positive to say about them. Never bad mouth your current employer.
  • Instead of asking questions, rather make suggestions as that will convey that you are once again proactive.
  • Do not ask about salaries, bonuses or holidays during the first interview.
  • Treat the interview as a sales call, but in the scenario, you are the product.
  • Make sure that you have enough sleep.
  • If you are a smoker, make sure that you don’t smoke a few hours before.
  • Be honest about your abilities and communicate that you are proactive in certain things that you may not be an expert in.
  • Be honest about your abilities and communicate that you are willing to learn and upskill yourself in things that are not your speciality/ expertise.  
  • Do not look distracted and have good body language.
  • Follow up only when it is appropriate to do so. Do not do it immediately.  

  • If you feel that the interview is going bad, do not let your discouragement show and always end with a positive attitude and thank the interviewer for their time. Do not be let down with rejection, and always try to reflect on how you can improve your ‘sale’s pitch.