EMET IT Bridging Course Certificate Ceremony


When making a difference becomes the subject of conversation, we often focus on content instead of intent. What does that mean? It means that we make it a habit to focus on what we see instead of the reason behind what we see.


The intent behind ORT SA branching out to a small village in North West called Lebotloane was to implement the importance of inclusion for our programs in obscure and disadvantaged communities.


In partnership with the Energy Mobility Education Trust, ORT SA, targeted 100 youth for an opportunity to do the Cisco NetAcad Accredited course called IT Essentials, which gives people the necessary skills, knowledge and practical skills needed in the IT World. In accomplishing this, the 100 beneficiaries were divided into cohorts of 25 participants each.


The programme commenced on 10 May 2021 with the enrolment of the first cohort which completed their training on 25 June 2021.  The second cohort started on the 19th of July 2021 and concluded on the 10th of September 2021. 


The third cohort began on the 20th of September and will end on the 12th of November 2021. The fourth cohort is yet to be confirmed.


On the 20th of October 2021, it was time for the first and second cohort to celebrate their hard work. ORT SA conducted the EMET IT Bridging Course Certificate Ceremony at the Baphuting Ba-Ga Nawa Community Hall to give the graduates their certificates of achievement.


Acting Moretele Municipality Sub-District Manager, Dr PM Tlhapi had this to say during the ceremony when commending the work done by ORT SA and the beneficiaries: 


“Truly speaking I was not aware that such a wonderful job is being done by the academy, when I arrived here I had an opportunity of chatting with staff members of the academy to explain to me what exactly are they doing in this village…Our learners are not in a position to travel from rural areas to urban areas for education, but I’m really humbled for the good work that they are doing by bringing education to our children…Let us rejoice and let us be happy for our learners, who have made us proud.”


Letlhogonolo Kutu, a beneficiary of the training, had this to say when expressing her gratitude:


“I feel very honoured to be given the opportunity to learn IT Essentials, and I have learnt a lot actually, and I am very grateful, and about the certificate, I feel good about it because I will be able to market and get a job.”


ORT SA would like to thank the Energy Mobility Education Trust for partnering with us to impact the lives of the young individuals in Lebotloane village.


In conclusion, we should never forget that when we try to a make difference in people’s lives, we must ensure that inclusion and intent form part of making that difference.