International Day of the Girl Child


Gender inequality has and continues to be one of the greatest injustices that ever existed. We could attribute this to one thing: preconceived ideas of what should be correct. 


However, it’s not about being correct in our capacity; but about being fair towards all people. 


International Day of the Girl Child stands to mitigate the problem of gender inequality by raising awareness of the issues girls face internationally. These issues include education, nutrition, forced child marriage, legal rights, and medical rights.


Despite countless efforts to shed light and rectify “the elephant in the room.” We still witness the mistreatment of girls. 


It would be plausible to ask ourselves, what more can we do?


We can’t control what others think is correct; we can control our idea of a girl child. How? By looking at girls as being a complement in our lives and not vulnerable individuals. For instance, ORT SA is ‘walking the talk’ of gender equality by having 59,46% of female staff members.


We encourage you to keep an appreciative and fair attitude towards girls, doing so will be the best result for society.