1. How did you find out about YES? How did you find out about the opportunity?

What are the factors that led you to get the job?

I found out about YES through a presentation which was done by Mrs Phulma Macheke at Mmantserre Community Hall. The factors that led me to get the job were as result of an interview which was conducted by the host school. It was my qualifications which made the right candidate to get the job.

  1. How has the experience been?

The experience has been very good thus far. Being at the workplace on weekdays I’d very beneficial.

  1. What have been some of your challenges?

None so far.

  1. How has the YES Smartphone and apps positively impacted you? (Name one or two modules and its impact)

The modules and the smartphone have been very helpful and impacted positively on my performance at the workplace. The modules on Communication and Health and Well-being really beneficial.  Communication is the most important tool which is used at the workplace and being healthy is quite crucial in order for one to be productive at the workplace.

  1. How has this experience changed your life, or impacted those around you? (i.e friends, family, community)

My family and my community have benefited a lot and they regard me as an asset as I am teaching the learners at the school.

  1. What does this work experience mean to you or those around you, given the context of COVID

It means a lot to me more especially the salary component because I have child and it helps me to take care if her.

  1. What are some of the key skills you have picked up as a YES Youth, and how could this shape your future?

I have picked up good communication skills and presentation skills. I have also picked up time management skills.

  1. Describe one example of how you went above and beyond in the work place (An extraordinary moment in which you were innovative, displayed growth mindset, or represented exactly what it means to show excellence as an employee)

I went beyond and above by helping the learners how to spell English words because I picked up that they were really struggling.

  1. What’s your message to the other youth?

To always strive for excellences and be the best that they can be.

  1. What would you like to say to YES?

I would like to express my gratitude to YES for this amazing opportunity. It has really      been a fulfilling journey so far.