The Lauri Story

by Lauri Kruger

“The impact of working at ORT SA was something I never saw coming. It was when my career growth really took off.”

“The ORT SA house (offices) is full of history, culture and people working hard to make a difference. I was instantly part of this family culture which was where I started seeing the world differently.

Little did I know how much I was about to grow. Not only was it my first job, but it was a place where I was transformed into a person who got to know herself better. It was a place where I could grow professionally, learn and hone in on various skills set.

I gained admin and marketing experience in the ORT Jet department. I built relationships with the businesses and mentors on the programme. We hosted numerous training sessions in the evenings and webinars, which is where I was exposed to business topics. I loved hearing all the stories and seeing first-hand the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur.

I also worked in the Skills department on the YES programme. This was a work placement programme for unemployed youth. I visited the youth to assess their progress which gave me insight into a new field. 

I have learnt so much in just three years from my colleagues who were like family and mentors to me. As well as the rewarding opportunity to be part of all the training, develop my skills, meet the mentors, facilitators, and all the influential people in between. What an experience to work in a family-like culture and at the same time learn from industry experts daily.

Lots of Inspiration and ideas brewed over the years. I decided to take the jump into the world of business. I am excited to use everything I have learnt to apply it to my own business and see what else I can do with it.

ORT SA thrives on educating others and gives them an opportunity to have the skill sets required to enter the world of work. After working at ORT, I realised how powerful education is. It’s always yours to keep, and it can never be taken away from you. 

It was a work experience that I will always hold dear to me.

Thank you, ORT SA, for all the opportunities.”

Lauri Kruger