North West’s ticket to success is the solid foundation of education ORT SA is paving.

ORT SA and E M Education Trust partnership is continuing to enrich the youth of Lebotloane, a small village in the North West Province of South Africa. Through an accredited Cisco NetAcad course dubbed IT Essentials, ORT SA has facilitated the education and empowerment of the youth. During this program, students will learn the knowledge and practical skills they will need to succeed in the field of information technology.

In his address to the youth of his village, Chief Dr Kgosi urged them to continue educating themselves and their communities.

If you don’t read you can’t lead. To stay relevant in the community you need to become Innovative

A partnership between E M Education Trust and ORT SA achieved incredible results where 100 beneficiaries enrolled in the programme, which was divided into four cohorts.
There was a celebratory award ceremony for the last cohorts that was held on the 23rd February 2022, at Baphuthing Ba-Ga-Nawa Community Hall, to recognize and acknowledge the beneficiaries for successfully completing the program and to congratulate them on all of the hard work that they put into the course. Among the most notable beneficiaries were four individuals who started the program while they were still in school.

Vuyo Mwase The CEO of EMET said to the beneficiaries:

It is important to give back and empower others when having the means to do so. We chose to work with ORT SA because of their mission which is making people employable and we are passionate about making a difference in disadvantaged communities.”

We, at ORT SA, work together with our sponsors and youth to enhance the lives of young people in South Africa and South Africa itself.