Ariellah Rosenberg & Avi Ganon hold up the O in the new ORT SA logo


Non-profit organisation, ORT South Africa has rebranded and introduced a new logo, it announced in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The announcement took place at the ORT SA Biennial General Meeting, in the presence of  guest of honour, visiting World ORT CEO, Avi Ganon. Ellis Falkof was re-elected chairman and three new board members, who bring a range of expertise to the organization, were welcomed.

World ORT revealed their rebrand earlier this year when Mr. Ganon said, “ORT’s longevity  (since 1880) is due to its ability to meet the most pressing needs of the time. Whether teaching crafts and trades in 19th century Russia, vocational skills to displaced persons after the Second World War, or, as today, being world leaders in STEM education, our rebrand reflects our goals to provide 21st century solutions to 21st century needs around the world. “

The stripped back logo, centred on the two-toned ‘circle of ORT’, where each half circle completes the other. The shape represents human connection, one universal globe and the way people come together for a larger good.

“It is with much pride that we reveal our new branding to the public – a branding which better represents the ORT South Africa of today and tomorrow,” said ORT SA CEO, Ariellah Rosenberg. “The new concept illustrates the continued importance of ORT SA today: working with humility and simplicity, through education, to hand individuals and communities the tools to exceed their potential, helping themselves and wider society.”