Question: What is the difference between fitting in and standing out?


Fitting in means following a systematic way of doing things or following the “norm”, as many would say. However, standing out means initiating a systematic way of doing something that would later be considered a “norm.”


Making this contrast is very important, more specifically when changing lives, because it highlights the intent and effort behind our motives.


ORT SA understands that facilitating a programme or initiative requires being attentive on our part. How so?


A prime example of this would be the NQF level 2 New Venture Creation qualification that caters to the able and the disabled. This qualification focuses on equipping learners with the necessary skills and expertise to start their businesses.


However, to ensure that learners achieve the objective of obtaining their qualification, ORT SA goes the extra mile for their beneficiaries by doing the following:

  • Career Guidance: We invite entrepreneurs to speak to the youth about the ins and outs of starting and owning their enterprises. We do this to encourage the learners towards entrepreneurship.
  • Specialised Attention: We ensure that our learners get specialised attention according to their individual needs by spending more time with them to enhance their learning experience and understanding of the learning material.
  • Business Registration: We also assist in registering a beneficiary’s prospective business.
  • Forming Relationships: We get well acquainted with our beneficiaries by getting to know their background, needs and the challenges they face from time to time.


In conclusion, we want to reiterate that for ORT SA, standing out doesn’t mean acquiring accolades or achievements; it’s about leaving the first and last impression on someone’s life and livelihood.

If you’d like to help, more individuals fulfil their dreams of obtaining the necessary skills or knowledge to start their business, contact us or donate today and help us Educate for Life.