Often we talk about obtaining the right skill or knowledge to get us to the door. However, why is it that we don’t have more conversations about putting ourselves in a position where we open the door instead of finding our way to it?

Entrepreneurship has and will always remain a solution to the pandemic that most young individuals in this country face daily

The ORT SA Toyota Business Plan competition identifies the statements made above that encourage entrepreneurship among the youth. The purpose behind the initiative was to allow 6 Toyota SA Project beneficiaries to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit by presenting their businesses to establish their competitive advantage amongst themselves as beneficiaries.

November 11 was a date for all the participants to remember as they made their way to the Embo Taxi Community Hall in Hillcrest (KZN) to compete and fight for their position in the top 3.

The incentive to win were cash prizes that varied among the participants who came either first, second, or third. The cash prizes were R10 000 for first place, R7 000 for the runner up and R3 000 for third place.

ORT SA is proud to announce that Sizwe Mkhize came first with Kuyenzeka Motorcycle/Hire (PTY). In second place was Bongani Phewa and his company, Phewa’z Cottages, and in third place was Ntuthuko Siyaca with his Gamers Palace Company.

ORT SA would like to thank Toyota SA Motors for their continued support towards the beneficiaries. We would also like to commend the beneficiaries for their hard work and showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit throughout the competition. We are proud of you all!!!