World Teacher’s Day


Teachers have and will always play an integral part in our lives; they plant the seed of knowledge in their students and have the potential to guide and direct one’s life.


However, despite their vital role in society, the profession of teaching is usually under-appreciated by a majority of individuals.


World Teacher’s Day aims to amend that injustice by acknowledging the role that educators worldwide play to ensure that we have the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed. World Teacher’s Day also allows us to reflect on matters that are associated with teaching and teachers.


World ORT is one of the biggest educational NGOs in the world, with a big network of schools in 36 countries. They are introducing the inaugural ORT Teacher of the Year Award to recognize the outstanding heroes of the past 18 months: the teachers who have demonstrated their commitment and resilience to ensure ORT continues to provide a high-quality and lifelong education to all students.


Teachers, students and parents from across the network are invited to nominate a teacher who has gone above and beyond the call of duty since the pandemic started to help and support their students and colleagues.


The awards will be launched on October 5, and nominations will close on October 19. The winning teacher will receive a $1,000 voucher of their choice.

To submit your entry, please click here.


ORT SA, an affiliate of World ORT has impacted thousands of teachers and learners through STEM education and entrepreneurship and skills development. For more information about ORT SA, go to