YOUTH: Botshelo Moreki

HOST: Rasimone Primary School, Rustenburg

POSITION:  IT Assistant

  1. What were you doing before this opportunity with YES?

I have a small business that I started in 2018.Which I have a great vision to grow it.

  1. How has the YES programme impacted your life?

I was introduced to IT-Essentials and I was excited because this will assist me aligning with some of the technical work which my company has a major intake in.

  1. What new skills/experiences/networks have you acquired/been exposed to?

ORT-SA gave me the opportunity to understand and know the basics of computer, which now is so much easy to initiate some work in my company.

  1. How differently do you see yourself as a result of the YES programme?

Personally, I gained a lot of courage and boldness that will use in my company.

  1. What future do you see for yourself now?

BotsheloMo Holdings (PTY) LTD has a Digital Marketing, Advertising and Networking site; so ORT-SA truly gave me exposure to start up in digitalization.