YOUTH: Nkululeko Ngubane

HOST: Kwabhekilanga Secondary School, Alexandra

  1. What were you doing before this opportunity with YES?

Before the YES program I was unemployed.

  1. How has the YES programme impacted your life?

The YES program has helped to elevate my life. I have a salary and can assist at home financially.

  1. What new skills/experiences/networks have you acquired/been exposed to?

Administration as a whole, communication (business language) and professionalism (in terms of the way I carry myself)

  1. How differently do you see yourself as a result of the YES programme?

I can confidently say that I am ready for the corporate world (business world) be it I work for a major cooperate or I start one myself.

  1. What future do you see for yourself now?

Working my way to the top (in the cooperate space) without even studying business at these top elite institutions.

  1. What advice would you give to unemployed youth?

There are opportunities out there, and you create these opportunities for yourself, through communication, having good relationships. Socially, instilling that ‘go getter’ mentality to yourself….and most importantly…. Positivity is Key.