YES Success Story: THINK SA

YOUTH: Anzamulalo Ndou

HOST: Noko Ramaboya Attorneys Incorporated, Pretoria

POSITION: Administrator

  1. What were you doing before this opportunity with YES?

I was a student I was not working,

  1. How has the YES programme impacted your life?

The Yes program has changed my life, now I’m able to see the importance of life as I’m able do things for myself and getting experience each and every day and being able to depend on myself.

  1. What new skills/experiences/networks have you acquired/been exposed to?

I’ve been exposed to a new environment, different kind of people, as this is my first job, and I’m learning a lot of skills, communication skills, and experience in the law. How to deal with clients the way, you should dress at work. Getting lots of experience about law.

  1. How differently do you see yourself as a result of the YES programme?

I see a new me, learning to be responsible, and growing as an individual, as well as increasing my chance to be employed.

  1. What future do you see for yourself now?

I see a very bright future, because with the experience I’m getting here I’m now employable and gaining lot of confidence and also connecting with other companies and people.

  1. What advice would you give to unemployed youth?

I’d advise other youth to never give up in their future they should keep tying and fight for a better future and with yes program is possible to change.